What makes work meaningful?

8 factors that contribute to meaningful work

What makes work meaningful?

[1] Autonomy – having control and influence over how you do your work

[2] Challenge – work that pushes you to grow beyond your current capabilities; stretched beyond your comfort zone but not so much that you become overwhelmed (ZPD)

[3] Safety – being in an environment where you feel safe to take the risks that help you grow

[4] Team – being surrounded by people you trust and who support your individual growth

[5] Impact – not just about the need to help people, but to seeing a direct connection between your work and how it’s helping other people

[6] Values – alignment of what you are working on with what matters to you; what is most important to you needs to align with what you’re doing in your work

[7] Direction – you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it; you know what’s expected of you and you can see where your contribution fits into the big picture and you get feedback on how you are doing

[8] Strengths – doing work where you are applying your strengths, i.e. the skills, attributes, ways of being and behaving that energize you