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1:1 Coaching

A conversational approach to help you move forward on personal and professional goals

1:1 coaching is a conversational approach to learning and growth where we engage in a creative, collaborative, and reflective process that generates new levels of awareness, accountability, and purpose in achieving positive outcomes with long-lasting effects.

Our clients

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and industries, and they arrive at different stages of their own journey.

Some are approaching a pivot point and entering a period of uncertainty or endless possibilities, while others are right in the midst of navigating a transition, and others still are on a trajectory of rapid expansion and are seeking a counter-balance to keep them aligned on a path of sustainable growth.

What all of our clients share in common is a desire to make a shift in their lives and a readiness to begin.

Who we’ve worked with

Some of the people we’ve worked with include:

  • Leaders growing into executive-level roles in not-for-profit and public sector organizations
  • Experienced leaders entering a new position and inheriting an existing team
  • New managers coping with the rapid change of tech and start-up environments
  • High-performing team members growing into leadership roles within their team
  • Entrepreneurs entering new stages of business growth
  • Mid-career professionals re-orienting their career paths
  • Successful professionals seeking work-life balance

Our approach

Our 1:1 coaching engagements start off online or by phone and depending on your areas of focus, we also blend in other ways of visualizing concepts and ideas through online whiteboards and screen-sharing.

In some cases, we’ll also work in ways to change the environment where your coaching takes place — to remove distractions, to change your physical environment, or just to give you a chance to build in a break into your day.

Our role is to be a co-pilot — a thinking partner at your side. We’ll set the course and navigate together, sometimes we grab ahold of the steering wheel, and sometimes we’ll push the gas or tap the brakes, but from the beginning to the end, you are the pilot.


We measure success in different ways as a direct reflection of the diversity of the people we coach. Some of the outcomes our clients have achieved include:

  • A shift in mindset and perspective
  • Clarity of vision, purpose, and focus
  • Increased levels of awareness, accountability, and commitment
  • Newfound momentum in taking action towards new goals
  • Improved career satisfaction
  • Healthy and sustainable work-life balance
  • New levels of peak performance
  • Confidence and excitement with navigating the future

A key step in our work with you is to identify the specific markers of success that are meaningful and relevant to you.


Our cost is value-based and adjusts to your needs. Our base cost is $150 per session for a single “Coach-on-Call” session. From there we offer discounted rates when bundled into monthly retainer programs (3 months, 6 months, or our annual plan) that come with additional benefits including complimentary access to our Coach-on-Call service, and personalized online plans to support your learning and growth. For more details, view our Rate Sheet for 1:1 Coaching.

Making coaching accessible

One of our core values is to make coaching accessible. We’ve experienced the benefits of coaching ourselves and we’ve seen the difference coaching can make in helping people make an impact in the world around them. We believe in the power of coaching to help individuals create powerful change for the social good, and truly believe that anyone who is ready and open to working with a coach should be given that opportunity.

If the cost of coaching is a barrier for you or someone you know, you may be interested in our Coaching for Good Gift Bank program.

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