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Coach in Residence

A flexible and scalable way to bring coaching to your company

Coaching offers a people-focused strategy for advancing along your company roadmap in meaningful ways. Every company is unique, and so too is the recipe that will create success from coaching. Our approach is to work alongside you and your team to increase your own capacity to create the coach approach that best suits your people and internal team culture.

Our clients

The teams we work with come from diverse backgrounds and industries, and they arrive at different stages of their own journey.

Some are approaching a pivot point and entering a period of uncertainty or endless possibilities, while others are right in the midst of navigating a transition, and others still are on a trajectory of rapid expansion and are seeking a counter-balance to keep them aligned on a path of sustainable growth. An added layer of complexity for organizations today comes with navigating growth amidst shifting demographics of the workforce, increasing interdependency among cross-functional and even cross-organizational teams, and the impact of rapidly changing digital technologies.

Scenarios for company coaching

The reasons companies seek coaching can vary — and so too do the outcomes they seek — but many are facing common scenarios:

  • Organizations scaling up their operations and rapidly expanding in size
  • Companies with high-performing team members moving into leadership roles for the first time
  • New teams learning to work together for the first time
  • Established teams learning to work together in new ways
  • Teams undergoing business process reviews
  • Teams navigating the impact of digital transformation
  • Companies adjusting to working remotely

Our approach

Every company is at a unique stage in its development and in its own state of maturity and readiness for coaching.

Our Coach in Residence program is designed to work alongside you and your team to first identify the readiness of your company for coaching, explore entry points for introducing coaching practices, and then increase your own capacity to create a coaching practice or “coach approach” that best suits your people and that enhances your internal team culture for the long term.

Our aim is to help you identify what will deliver the greatest value for the stage you are in and the outcomes you are seeking.

Designed with flexibility to scale up

The right approach will depend on a number of factors including your type of business, your stage of business development, the state and nature of your company culture, and your longer-term aspirations.

Our Coach in Residence program begins as a retainer service and then is designed to “flex” according to the areas most in need roughly following a 6-stage model:

  1. Assessment
  2. Team structure and design
  3. Leaders and individuals
  4. Systems and dynamics
  5. Learning and knowledge translation
  6. Measuring success

Coach in Residence offerings

After an initial assessment, we draw on an array of possible methods to help you invest in the approach that delivers the greatest impact and long-term value to your company.

How do we start?

The first step is for us to have a “Session 0” — an introductory call to connect and see if we’re a fit.