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For companies seeking a “coach approach”

The people and teams we work with come from diverse backgrounds and industries, and they arrive at different stages of their own journey. Some are approaching a pivot point and entering a period of uncertainty or endless possibilities, while others are right in the midst of navigating a transition, and others still are on a trajectory of rapid expansion and are seeking a counter-balance to keep them aligned on a path of sustainable growth.

Among category-specific challenges every company faces, an added layer of complexity for organizations today comes with navigating growth amidst shifting demographics of the workforce, increasing interdependency among cross-functional and even cross-organizational teams, and the impact of rapidly changing digital technologies. Coaching offers a people-focused strategy for advancing along your company roadmap in meaningful ways.

Some of the scenarios we have encountered include:

  • Organizations scaling up their operations and rapidly expanding their company size
  • Companies with high-performing team members moving into leadership roles for the first time
  • New teams learning to work together for the first time
  • Established teams learning to work together in new ways
  • Teams undergoing business process reviews
  • Teams navigating the impact of digital transformation

Our approach is to work alongside you and your team to increase your own capacity to create a coaching practice or “coach approach” that best suits your people and that enhances your internal team culture.

This can include:

  • offering external coaching services as a ”coach on call”
  • delivering coaching sessions in tandem with mentoring, instruction, and team facilitation to help your people learn and practice a “coach approach”
  • creating and managing a roster of external coaches best suited for your company culture
  • providing support with hiring an internal coach
  • translating your team’s internal knowledge and practices into digital-first resources that reinforce learning and help your team’s unique coaching practice grow over time
  • attending in-person company retreats to deliver coaching workshops and team development activities

Every company we work with is unique, and so too is the recipe that will create success from coaching.

What makes us unique? The Ashiba “secret sauce” is quite simple. We thrive at the intersection where people, process, technology, and culture meet. Let us help you thrive there too!

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