A method to gain perspective and focus

Sometimes the hardest part with initiating change is knowing where to start.

“Wheel” methods — for example the Wheel of Life or Balance Wheels — are designed to help you look at the different areas of your life all at once so you can make decisions on where you can focus on to make improvements.

This method is both about zooming out and gaining big picture perspective and about zooming in and focusing in on individual areas one by one.

Ashiba Method Sheets

Ashiba Method sheets combine research, theories, and expertise from experienced coaches. Each method is designed to provide practical and self-paced activities to support individuals and teams along their own development paths, either independently or with the support of a coach.

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Ashiba + Miro Method Sheet: Wheels

This Ashiba + Miro Method Sheet has two Wheels to get you started: a Wheel of Life, and a Work Wheel. You can modify these wheels to suit your needs or create more for other focused areas of your personal or professional life.

Create your own Wheel

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