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The Future of Work: What does your future look like?

Date &. Time: TBC

The Future of Work: What does your future look like?

Remote, flexible, and hybrid work options have emerged as a new norm. Over the span of a year, we all entered into “the future of work” and are collectively navigating through a period of transition.

What does your future of work look like? What challenges are you facing? Where do you see opportunities? What thought, insight, or words of wisdom would you offer to others?

Join us in this “mastermind meetup” where we’ll bring together a group of like-minded professionals to ask and answer these very questions.

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About Mastermind Meetups

Mastermind Meetups are participatory group workshops where we bring together like-minded professionals to explore the ins and outs of a specific topic framed as a series of questions. We open with the focus questions, and from there the meetup is uniquely shaped by the interests and expertise of the participants. Our goal is that everyone leaves with a new insight or a nugget of a new idea that you can put into play right away.