A 1:1 leadership development program

What value do you bring as a leader?

The Leadership Value Proposition program (LVP) is an individual development program for people seeking a structured approach to an individually-focused leadership development plan. Starting with the end in mind, the goal of this program is to help you clearly articulate the value you uniquely bring as a leader, or what we call your “leadership value proposition”.


Leadership is a journey into and of itself — many leaders enter into their roles through a series of stages and steps. Amidst your successes and accomplishments, it can be easy to lose sight of what made you successful in reaching the position you are in — and what got you to where you are today may not be the same thing you need to get you to where you want to be tomorrow.

Creating a working definition of your own “Leadership Value Proposition” or “LVP” is one way to reflect on your defining strengths as a leader, and to help you chart a future vision for where to go next.

The process for understanding your LVP is about reaching clarity on the purpose and value you bring as a leader.

To get there, we will start from a focused look at your own career success, then move into team performance, and then finally your role as a leader.


This program takes on hybrid format combining lessons to introduce background theory and concepts, workshops to apply the theory to your own career and life, takeaway “method sheets” for self-directed learning, and 1:1 coaching sessions to help increase your self-awareness and reinforce your learning and self-development.

Time Commitment and Scheduling

The LVP program entails approximately 20hrs of structured time for instruction, workshopping, and 1:1 coaching spread out over the span of 3-6 months. Additionally, you will have self-paced takeaway activities that you can complete at your own pace and the option for additional 1:1 coaching sessions that can be booked throughout the duration of the program.

We recognize that time is at a premium, and especially for leaders, your time is precious. As such, scheduling is flexible within the 6 months of your program start date and can be arranged to occur during normal working hours or after hours to accommodate your schedule.

Success Measures

At the end of the program, you will be equipped with new knowledge and awareness that you can apply in the context of you and your team, and will also have a collection of reference materials that you can continue to refresh and iterate as you continue along your career path.

We’ll know that together we’ve succeeded if you are able to:

  1. clearly articulate the unique strengths and value you bring to your career and role today
  2. create a vision for your future in the context of your self and your team
  3. take your next first steps with confidence