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Your Leadership Journey

12-week group program for individuals

Your Leadership Journey is a 12-week exploration of leadership. You are already a leader or have leadership aspirations; you feel you have a purpose that moves you; and now you want to define yourself as a leader so you can show up authentically, with the conviction to make a meaningful difference. In Your Leadership Journey, you will produce your own definition of leadership and create a declaration of who you are as a leader. Participants will emerge from the program confident in their ability to lead anywhere in their life.

Program Structure

  • 6 group coaching sessions every other week
  • 5 peer sessions in off weeks
  • 1 individual coaching session with a program coach
  • Reflective assignments between sessions
  • All sessions are delivered online using Zoom

The Future of Work: What does your future look like?

Mastermind Meetup (Online/Zoom)
Date: TBC

Remote, flexible, and hybrid work options have emerged as a new norm. Over the span of a year, we all entered into “the future of work” and are collectively navigating through a period of transition.

What does your future of work look like? What challenges are you facing? Where do you see opportunities? What thought, insight, or words of wisdom would you offer to others?

Join us in this “mastermind meetup” where we’ll bring together a group of like-minded professionals to ask and answer these very questions.

Coming Soon (Fall & Winter 2021-2022)

Achieve Your Goal

12-week group program for individuals

You have a goal that really matters to you and you are committed to making it happen this year. Perhaps you don’t know where you’ll find the time, or you don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’ve made some progress already, but the coveted moment of victory has eluded you.

In Achieve Your Goal, you will work to accomplish a meaningful goal over 12 weeks with the support of a coach and a group of peers.

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Team Foundations

A program for teams

A good team knows what they are working towards, a great team knows both what and how. Whenever we work in a team, we are continually forming “contracts” and “agreements” of how we do what we do. Creating a shared vision of both what we do and how we do it is a crucial step along the way to building high performing teams. What principles guide the way you work together as a team?

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Rising Up: From Individual Contributor to Team Lead

6-week group program for individuals

Rising through the ranks from individual contributor to a team lead role is a career transition with an open playbook. What got you here often won’t get you there. Where do you want to go next?

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