Your Leadership Journey – 12-week group coaching program


Program Structure

  • 6 group coaching sessions every other week
  • 5 peer sessions in off weeks
  • 1 individual coaching session with a program coach
  • Thought-provoking assignments between sessions
  • All sessions are delivered online using Zoom


Leadership can be a lonely experience. Highly engaged in their work, great leaders are highly invested in the people that surround them, and yet leaders are often isolated in ways that only leaders can really understand. This is one of the reasons why so many leaders work with a coach, and this is also why we’ve created this leadership development program in a group format – to create the time and space for you to focus on your own growth, where you can come together with other like-minded peers in a unique leader-to-leader format to help you define who you uniquely are as a leader, and to emerge confident in your ability to lead anywhere in your life.

Your Leadership Journey is a 12-week exploration of leadership. You are already a leader or have leadership aspirations; you feel you have a purpose that moves you; and now you want to define yourself as a leader so you can show up authentically, with the conviction to make a meaningful difference. In Your Leadership Journey, you will produce your own definition of leadership and create a declaration of who you are as a leader. Participants will emerge from the program confident in their ability to lead anywhere in their life.