About Ashiba

Adrian Liem
Head Coach and Founder of Ashiba

Hello and welcome,

My name is Adrian, I am a digital team manager and internal coach at the University of British Columbia, and the Head Coach and Founder of Ashiba.

Over the past 15+ years, I have helped people navigate the nuances of working with teams, technology, and culture, in complex and ever-changing environments.

I bring an integrated approach to people and team development that combines my professional experience creating digital products and services with my background in psychology and education, my volunteer work coaching elite-level athletes, a relentless pursuit of my own active lifestyle, a passion for health & well-being, personal growth and self-development, and my formal training as a certified coach.

Through a series of serendipitous events, I began a journey to combine my professional experience with my personal interests and my passions, which has laid the foundation for the work I do through Ashiba. (Curious? Read the origin story of Ashiba on Medium.)

Adrian Liem

Adrian Liem (He/Him/His)
Associate Certified Coach, ICF
Certified Organizational Coach, UBC
B.A. Psychology, B.Ed. Middle Years
Certified Scrum Master
Head Coach & Founder of Ashiba

“Ashiba” (/’AH•sh•ba’/) is Japanese for “scaffolding”.

Scaffolding is a teaching method that moves students progressively towards greater understanding and —ultimately— independence in the learning process. The intention behind scaffolded teaching methods is to provide temporary structured guidance to help students reach a higher level of understanding than they would otherwise be able to achieve without support. As the learning is achieved, the support structures are incrementally removed, shifting responsibility of the learning process back onto the student.

Structured guidance is at the very heart of Ashiba.

Interested in collaborating? I am actively working in collaboration with other coaches, startups, and companies to develop content, products, and services in support of personal and professional development for individuals, teams, and companies. If you are interested in working together as a partner or collaborator, please feel free to reach out at any time. You can contact me here.

Interested in coaching? The best place to start would be for us to have a 30-minute call to connect and talk about what’s drawing you to coaching. Feel free to contact me anytime wherever you’re at in your journey.