About Ashiba

Our mission is to help people create a life of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment by providing structured guidance for pursuing personal and professional development in a flexible, scalable, and methodical way.

We do this by providing a space and a place for growth-minded people to seek out offerings and resources delivered and created by professional coaches, leaders, teachers, mentors, and guides, and by working in collaboration with coaches to create program offerings and online resources to support the learning journey.

We are actively working in collaboration with other coaches, startups, and companies to develop content, products, and services in support of personal and professional development for individuals, teams, and companies. This includes:

  • Individual 1:1 coaching services
  • Leadership development programs
  • Creation of online resource materials to support personal and professional development
  • Education, training, and support to team leaders
  • Support to coaches with the use of technology to scale up their practice

“Ashiba” (/’AH•sh•ba’/) is Japanese for “scaffolding”.

Scaffolding is a teaching method that moves students progressively towards greater understanding and —ultimately— independence in the learning process. The intention behind scaffolded teaching methods is to provide temporary structured guidance to help students reach a higher level of understanding than they would otherwise be able to achieve without support. As the learning is achieved, the support structures are incrementally removed, shifting responsibility of the learning process back onto the student.

Structured guidance is at the very heart of Ashiba.

Adrian Liem

Hello and welcome! My name is Adrian and I’m the founder of Ashiba. You can learn more about me and my coaching practice at A Tiny Leap.

If you are interested in working together as a partner or collaborator through Ashiba, please feel free to reach out at any time.