Ashiba is a coaching consultancy.

We provide personalized coaching services and digital resources to support people and organizations seeking new positive outcomes with long-lasting effects.

Our mission is to help people create a life of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment by providing structured guidance for pursuing personal and professional development in a flexible, scalable, and methodical way.

Ashiba Coaching & Consulting

Hello and welcome,

My name is Adrian. I am the founder and principal of Ashiba. You can learn more about me and my coach approach at adrianliem.ca, or learn more about the origins of Ashiba on Medium.

Whether it’s in your personal life, for your career, or for your company, I believe that at the root of all that we do, people are all driven by a shared core value:

To live a good life — to live our BEST life — a life with purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

I also believe that even with the best of intentions, sometimes we lose focus, get distracted, or feel overwhelmed, but that everyone can and deserves to get back on track, and sometimes all we need is a little guided support along the way.

Ashiba is my platform for personal and professional development — a combination of coaching services and supporting resources for people seeking positive change and growth.

I am actively working in collaboration with other coaches, startups, and companies to develop content, products, and services in support of personal and professional development. If you are interested in working together as a partner or collaborator, please feel free to reach out at any time. You can contact me here.

Adrian Liem

About “ashiba”

Ashiba (/’AH•sh•ba’/) is Japanese for “scaffolding”. Scaffolding is a teaching method that moves students progressively towards greater understanding, and ultimately independence, in the learning process. The intention behind scaffolded teaching methods is to provide temporary guidance and structure that helps students reach a higher level of understanding than they would otherwise be able to achieve without support. As the learning is achieved, the support structures are incrementally removed, shifting responsibility of the learning process back onto the student. Structured guidance is at the very heart of Ashiba.